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1) What is your concept?
TheKatil coliving concept is a corporate hostel with private rooms and shared facilities. We provide the 5Cs: comfort, co-live, co-work, connect and convenience for every tenant who stays with us.
We prefer to host these types of tenants: fresh graduates, interns, junior level workers, corporate employees/employers, 9to5 working professionals, expats, NGO/volunteer workers. Find out more at https://www.thekatil.com/tenant-with-talent
2) How does the room looks like?
TheKatil.com virtual tour:
1) TheKatil tenant interview and walkthrough video: bit.ly/3edp2FY
2) Watch our thekatil.com video or visit bit.ly/3gE9jS4
3) 360 Degree view of TheKatil queen size bedroom: bit.ly/2Z7VQMa

TheKatil.com room pictures, visit:

TheKatil Type of Rooms:
Single bedroom – RM500 per month rent with FLEXIBLE contract (Cheras only)
Include: aircond & fan, wifi, fully furnished, open style wardrobe (hanger)

Single bedroom – RM600 per month rent with FLEXIBLE contract (Cheras only)
Include: aircond & fan, wifi, fully furnished, open style wardrobe (hanger)

Queen size bedroom – RM700 per month rent with FLEXIBLE contract (Cheras only)
Include: aircond & fan, wifi, fully furnished, open style wardrobe

Queen size bedroom with window – RM800 per month rent with FLEXIBLE contract (Cheras only)
Include: aircond & fan, wifi, fully furnished, open style wardrobe
3) Where are your locations?
Are you a busy working professional looking for rooms to rent? Checkout our affordable rooms listings BEST in PJ, KL, some say JB ALL walking distance to public transport/MRT/LRT that comes with EVERYTHING:
4) Is there parking available?
Weekdays parking:

PJ locations:
MPPJ summon DURING working hours 10am-5pm (unless u buy RM100 monthly pass online or drive to work), AFTER working hours: street parking (first come first serve)
Download ‘Flexi Parking’ cashless parking app:

Google/Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=my.com.lits.flexiparking2

Apple app: https://apps.apple.com/my/app/flexi-parking-2-0/id1466897086

Monthly MPPJ parking pass is also available for sale here: http://monthlypass.godell.com.my/

Reference: https://www.soyacincau.com/2020/09/30/dbkl-street-parking-cashless-mobile-payment-app/

Weekends/public holidays parking: FREE street parking (available on first come first serve)
5) What do you pay vs what do you get with theKatil rooms?
TheKatil signature hostel rooms allow you to rent a room in order to enjoy the size of the home.
6) TheKatil has how many rooms/tenants?
TheKatil has 10-12 rooms per floor (depending on location), with each room hosting a maximum of 2 pax of tenants only. Our track record shows that there is an average 12-15 tenants ranging from Malaysians, interstate workers and expatriates who are mainly white collar office workers. We have no complaints to date on peak hour congestion and we will evacuate ‘troublemakers’ as fast as possible because we didn’t want a few bad apples disturbing the peace of occupation of other tenants when they break the house rules. Since everybody knows everybody, we rely on whatsapp group as a communication tool between tenant and theKatil management team to report on news or suspicious/illegal activities held in theKatil as a community policing effort to keep everybody safe.
7) TheKatil has private toilets?
No. We keep rental cost affordable with shared facilities from living hall to toilet with regular cleaning services. Studio rooms with private toilet easily rent at RM1500-2000 per month. Having said that, if you really prefer private toilets, we will refer our theKatil landlord network rooms for you as an alternative if you can offer a higher rental budget.
8) What’s the WiFi speed at TheKatil?
The WiFi speed per device is 300mbps. This is important to control the usage by all tenants and it’s fast and smooth enough to watch Youtube, browse Facebook/internet and whatsapp. It’s not suitable if you want to download/upload very large file.
9) What’s the deposit payment and contract?
Payment Terms by Tenants (1st month only):

1) Monthly rent: 1 month recurring rental (by 7th of every month) (subjected to prorate if necessary)
2) Security deposit: 1 month rent or ZERO DEPOSIT if credit is ok
3) One off move-in fees & admin charges: subjected to length of tenancy
4) FREE theKatil membership:

– enjoy zero cost to switch to any of our TheKatil landlord units/rooms/locations
– enjoy free consultation to own your first property/first home under theKatil rent to own program
– enjoy free gifts from TheKatil merchant partners to work from home at your own convenience (coming soon)
10) How can I make my rental payment?
There’s internet available at theKatil and one can pay rent via qrcode, eWallet, online transfer, cash bank in or opt for monthly autopayment (using debit/credit card) at theKatil.com. Kindly discuss with your rental manager on the bank account details to transfer your booking and payment or refer to this: https://www.thekatil.com/rental-payment/
11) Do you all rent short term?
Yes. We do have short stay daily rates from RM65-80 per day depending on room availability with 24 hours booking notice prior to check in.
12) When and how can I view the actual TheKatil unit?
Just set an appointment with our rental manager for each location. Prefer viewing time is weekdays 10am-8pm or weekends 10am-10pm by contacting our careline 014-3933 652.

You can visit us by LRT/MRT or simply take Grab to our respective locations.
13) What is the type of bed in the room?
We have variety of bed to choose from ranging of queen size bed, single bed and double decker single bed (depending on TheKatil location and availability of the room).
14) How much is the rent?
The rent is from RM500-RM1000 (depending on TheKatil location, type of room and tenancy terms).
15) Do you have master bedroom?
Yes, we do. It’s has a private toilet/bathroom (depending on TheKatil location).
16) How can I get the tenancy agreement?
We use a smart home system and online software for all the tenancy records. You may receive the Tenancy Agreement upon your payment of the Deposit/move-in date. Kindly contact our rental manager for such signing and related matters to the Tenancy Agreement.
17) How long can I rent? What is your shortest rental contract?
Flexible rental terms as short as 1 day/week/month at RM80 per day/RM800 per month. The long term rent is from 1 year/2 years which will be renewed per yearly (depending the tenancy term).
18) Is there water dispenser ? What do you have in the kitchen?
Yes. It is located in the Kitchen. We have kettle, oven and microwave and stove for you to cook your meal anytime without hassel.
19) Is the aircond centralised or is there no aircond in the room ?
Our air-conditioning is centralised and running 24/7 with a multi-split ductwork to each room through an airway (depending on TheKatil location).