Benefits of Co-Living

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The idea of co-living originates from the concept of co-housing. Co-housing was first introduced in Denmark in 1964 when architect Jan Gudmand-Hoyer for several months discussed with his groups of friends to explore the possibilities of a more encouraging community whereby a group of people with the same mentality can come together living under the same roof with shared common areas.

This concept is now a well-established housing option in Denmark despite initial scepticism. Co-housing minimised individual space and maximises shared facilities and common areas. It allows like-minded people to mingle and take care of the community as a whole. It is made up of purposeful communities who share common values in life where they voluntarily create a sustainable living community where they take care of one another and can depend on one another for help.

The modern form of coliving comes in many forms and are now popular across the globe. It is designed to draw individual who values community living and privacy to share a space where they can work together, share ideas and socialise as a group but yet have their own private space to unwind from all the surrounding commotions. This space comes with high-speed internet, kitchenette for simple and light cooking, workspace, leisure area, full security and some even have gyms or swimming pools. The best coliving space has a well-stocked kitchen and pantry and all amenities at one single price.

With the rise of the standard of living in big cities, fresh graduates and digital nomads are more favourable of such concept of co-living within a small community whereby people of like-minded from different ethnicity, background, profession and country share the same values and interest with the life philosophy of living simple. The increase in real estate prices and rentals have encouraged tenants that are looking for convenience and flexibility to favour a dormitory lifestyle where they simply rent a room that’s fully furnished with basic amenities and shared common areas such as kitchen, bathroom and living area which more often than not comes with professional scheduled cleaning and management services.

At theKatil, we offer you a private space for you to work without discriminating your nationality or skin colour. We believe in multinational, culturaldiversity and encourage the idea of a shared space where people from different backgrounds can co-exist under the same roof. We cater to a large group of tenants from different parts of the world and profession. Our vision is to host a community of local talents and help them by giving them a potential platform to better themselves while working on their full-time profession.

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