Co-living space with a ‘sense of community’

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TheKatil has hosted guests from Singapore to Japan. As long as you have a life story to share, we are happy to host you for one day, one month,or one year with no headaches over locked-in contracts.

Living in the big city often creates a feeling of being disconnected. Not just from others, the world in general, but also yourself. How many young, working people get home from work, go straight to their rooms, and shut the door? Sometimes, life can get overwhelming. Not having a community magnifies the feeling even more.

For professionals in the labor force, renting an apartment would often mean so many lonely weeknight dinners and an unshakable feeling of alone-ness. Spending me-time is, of course, a must. But as social creatures, more and more young people are choosing to rent co-living spaces. Just as there has been the rise of the co-working space, co-living spaces are now gaining a large following. It achieves the same goal with more previously unexplored benefits. It’s a bunch of people living in and sharing the costs of a piece of property a single one of them couldn’t possibly afford on his own. It somehow makes the economy of scale seem sexy.

“TheKatil was born with the idea of self-sufficiency, which is a bed that fulfills the basic needs of working professional who travel as a stranger in the city, and wants to settle down somewhere that is comfortable, convenient, and [has] a sense of community,” explained TheKatil (TK) CEO Alwin Aw. It was this keen sense of what other people need that created the first TK in Salak Tinggi.

The idea for TK evolved when the opening of the KLIA2 seemed to present a question: “Where would all the airport staff stay?” Alwin, with his two co-founders, Brian Phang and Nicholas Lim, decided to set up what would be the first concept for TheKatil, rooms for rent in under-utilized mid-floor shops. The units were subdivided into rooms that were affordable for a couple of hundred ringgits at such a convenient location. There is a ERL train direct to Salak Tinggi.

Today, TK has 6 locations in Kuala Lumpur:

· Kota Damansara

· Wangsa Maju

· Kelana Jaya (2 branches)

· Cheras

· Salak Tinggi

· Permas Jaya

Meeting Alwin, you get the sense that TK is part business, part personal calling.

“I love different cultures and meeting new friends, and I believe rental business allows me to achieve this goal as I checked in more than 10-20 strangers and turned them into friends when I solved problems for them and did my best to deliver happiness by increasing their satisfaction to stay in TheKatil with the extra services I provide them,” he explained.

How’s that for a sense of community? While all TK branches are near LRT/MRT stations, other facilities include:

· Regular airconditioning

· Wifi

· Cleaning services

· Full furnishing (washing machine, refrigerator, etc.)

· CCTV security

· Monthly bill below RM1,000 per month

If TK sounds like a place you’d love to call home, contact TheKatil staff or Alwin 019-9131914!