Effective Work From Home Tips From a Small Space

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Following the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, the Malaysia Government further announced the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to flatten the COVID-19 curve. This leads to a lot of companies having no choice but to implement the Work From Home(WFH) policy to ensure the continuity of the business and to protect the security of employment. 

This has lead to a lot of white-collar worker to practising and getting used to the new norm of WFH. The experience from WFH is fairly different as compared to working in the office as WFH might not be as conducive due to distraction such as your kids or the fact that you are renting a room in the middle of a big city. More often than not, your productivity level would fairly decrease as compared to when you are reporting to the office on normal working days. Let’s dive right in into effective WFH tips from your room! 

  1. Get a box and label it as “WORK”

Living in a small and minimalist space get us to work our creativity. It is easier for us to find our documents or things that are work-related when we store everything and anything work-related in a box and labelling it so that it’s easier for us to access them whenever we need to. We can always purchase those cardboard boxes or even recycle the A4 paper boxes that we can get from our office copier room and save a few bucks!

  1. Finding the right spot

Locating your WFH spot is very important especially when you are living in a tiny room where your warm and comfy bed can be distracting. Hence, you should choose a spot with good lighting to prevent straining your eyes or a spot near the window where you will be able to get ample natural light. Besides that, getting a spot that’s close to the power outlet is important especially when your devices run out of juices halfway through your work.

  1. Getting a noise cancellation headphone

Investing in a pair of active noise cancellation headphones would be one of the best purchases you have made for your WFH gadgets. Noise-cancelling headphones analyse ambient sound and reattempt to generate the opposite sound by using electronic which result in less overall noise. This is fairly helpful especially if you are working in an environment that has noise distraction so if you are an audiophile this is your best shot. 

  1. Create a routine 

During the first few days, you would struggle to separate work and home life. Therefore, it would be easier to schedule your day ahead and make a to-do list of things that you would need to complete for the day with the deadlines. This way you would be able to focus and not burn out. If you always start your day with a cup of coffee in the office, make that cup of coffee and sip it in your makeshift workspace. Ensure that you stick to your routine and try not to stray afar by also taking small meaningful breaks.

  1. Fine-tune your mindset

Our brain works in a miraculous way whereby with the right mindset we can always get things done even in the toughest environment. Hence, start your day by going through your weekday morning routine: Waking up to the alarm clock ringing, shower and dress up for work! It’s also important to follow your work schedule lets say 9 am to 6 pm with an hour lunch break in between. Take that lunch break and watch some videos to wind down before tackling the latter half of the day

As theKatil conceptualises a co-living environment, our space includes a working area with ample natural lighting and also power sockets for you to enable you to work outside your room when you need a change of environment from your room. Our rooms are also equipped with lighting that brightens up the room and you have a great desk and chairs to work within the space in your room and what’s more, it’s fully air-conditioned!

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