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Renting your first room and moving out from the comfort of the house that you grew up in can be dreadful and nerve-wracking. It is a big step and decision that should not be made rashly as you would be spending your time after work and your free time in that space away from home. You would want to ensure that the process goes as smooth as possible and stress-free! 

Here are some tips in guiding you to find the perfect rental space within the heart of Malaysia which covers your needs.

1. Locality

Always ensure that you have made a prior survey on the location of your choice. Always keep in mind that your safety and comfort should be your priorities when deciding. Ask yourself these:-

Always ensure that you have made a prior survey on the location of your choice. Always keep in mind that your safety and comfort should be your priorities when deciding. Ask yourself these:-

  • How’s the traffic like during rush hours?
  • Is the area safe or dodgy?
  • What are the nearby eateries and amenities?
  • Is it near the LRT/MRT stations?
  • How dense is the place?

2. Privacy

Some prefer having a companion while others prefer returning to a calm and safe space. It is always good to keep in mind on the fact that whether you would prefer splitting the bill with your roommate or you can foot the bill on your own. Having your own space is always nice as you would not need to be mindful of your actions when you are in your room more so if you cannot stand an untidy roommate or a roommate that uses your items without first seeking permission. On the other hand, having a roommate means someone to share your problems with, someone to take care of you when you are sick and someone to share your happiness with. So it’s all up to you. 

3. Budget

It is very important to ensure that the space we are renting is within our budget as it is a monthly cost that we cannot stop paying or cut down once we signed the tenancy agreement much like a housing mortage. Hence, it is important to first calculate our budget in order to determine how much we are able to pay every month and still survive the balance of the month. Preferably the monthly payment is at a one price fits all where you would not have to worry about splitting the bills with your housemates.

4. Furnishing

Some rentals are cheaper as you would be getting an empty room or place which you would have to furnish them yourself. Most people would prefer a fully furnished place where all you have to do is to bring your luggage and move in. A fully furnished room gives you the flexibility to not be worried about the need to arrange movers and furnishing your own place whenever you need to move due to work or any other reason. 

5. Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement is an important piece of document which laid down the responsibilities between the landlord and the tenants. This piece of document would contain pieces of information on all of the fees you have to pay to your landlords such as deposits, maintenance fees, charges in case of defective items during your period of stay and also what is expected of both parties. Always ensure that you went through the document before attesting your signature on this piece of binding document. 


At theKatil, our rooms are built with the vision to cater working professionals who are seeking for a comfortable place to rent with the following facilities:-

  • LRT/MRT transportation within 5 minutes walking distance.
  • Fully furnish private space with common areas for co-living.
  • A one price covers all concept that’s less than RM 1,000 per month which is equivalent to 20-30% of the average salary earnings of fresh graduate/junior employee workers from RM650 per month.
  • Flexible tenancy agreement which caters all of your needs whether you are seeking for a weekend stay, short stay or long term stay.
Check out or call 019-9131914 or TheKatil for room viewing/booking today after taking a virtual tour of the rooms at!