these are the tenants we love to host...

- Are you looking to rent on a budget somewhere to rent at less than RM1000 per month with flexible contract yet enjoying rental savings of transportation and furnishing cost?

- Just started off in life to work or have an internship in PJ/KL and need to save on rental fees?

- Just came from interstate and looking to familiarise yourself with your surrounding without a car?

- Are you an active social network/online user?

- Do you work 9-to-5?

- Do you have a busy/active lifestyle?

- Are you starting out as a single/couples/brothers & sisters?

If yes, check out one of our LRT/MRT rooms for rent that fit your work or lifestyle.

Can't find the room that you want? We want to hear from you. Contact Alwin at 019-9131914 or

to find you your dream room!

- Are you a corporate brand employer who wants to show some love to your employees by retaining their loyalty with free accommodation/hostel as a perk or incentive for their hard work?

- Are you an education institution looking to partner with a hostel provider to provide a complete vocational training for a 3-months or 6 months timeframe?

- Are you a small business/technology friendly company who need help to host your digital nomad skilled workforce?

Join our growing list of brands who work with theKatil to host short term/contract staff by projects, millenials or Generation Y workers who love the flexibility of working from home or the convenience of getting to your office by LRT/MRT!

- Being a stranger in a new city and looking for new friends to make in an affordable coliving space?

- Love to socialise with like-minded working professionals who want a quality accommodation without sacrificing your lifestyle?

- Want to explore a city with flexible stay contract yet can work from home to earn your living as you go?

Our theKatil coliving + coworking (2 in 1) friendly environment will be perfect for your business trip, work travel or even long stay before you want to move to our next location to try out a different environment for a new experience!

Seriously, besides a job, we love to host you at theKatil if you have a skill or a community interest to make a difference in the society or within theKatil community itself! Whether you are already a retiree or still young but have a passion to give above self to the disabled, the elderly, the handicapped or the less fortunate beings, we don't judge you by your age!


We consider this as a 'talent' because we want you to know that when you care for others, we care for you too as a talent, more than just a tenant!

If you work for a NGO or social enterprise as a social worker or carer, talk to us today as we feel priviledge to offer you a special NGO pricing to reward those who serve the community or society with their selfless act and loving kindness!

Check out how we host a deaf tenant Angela Balan who left us a positive review!

Bedtime Capital PLT (LLP0009212-LGN)

15, JALAN SS 3/6,

47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.



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